Top 10 Things to Do for Mid-Autumn Festival in Singapore

Top 10 Things to do for the Mid-Autumn Festival in Singapore

The mid-autumn festival, also referred to as the mooncake festival, is coming up on the 13th of September. It is time to start planning your activities for the celebration. Since the mid-autumn festival is the second most important celebration after the Chinese New Year, there are many traditions that families celebrate together.

Besides, there are many events and festivals that take place across the island. The mid-autumn festival celebrates the full moon during the 8th lunar month when it’s at its brightest during the year.

Here are our top 10 things for the mid-autumn festival:

  1. Eat mooncakes

The number one thing that you absolutely must do during the festival is to eat and share mooncakes with your family and loved ones. It is a given during this time of the year.

Mooncakes are symbolic of the mid-autumn festival and are usually only made during this time. Mooncakes are a pastry made from a flour dough encasing a sweet filling of lotus paste or bean paste.

  1. Send any kind of mooncakes to others with Mooncake Delivery Singapore

More recently sending mooncakes to family members, friends and business associates has become a tradition during the mid-autumn festival. Sending mooncakes as a gift is a great way to express gratitude and admiration for the receiver.

Businesses often send mooncakes to their associates as a symbol of their gratitude for the working relationship. Mooncakes make for a delicious and decadent gift.

  1. Engage in moon appreciation

The moon is the main focus of the mid-autumn festival. In the Chinese culture, the moon symbolizes family reunion and is usually very symbolic for people far from home as it reminds them of home and their families.

Moongazing is a part of the festival as many families spend time gazing at the moon after dinner and appreciating its presence. The best place to view the moon is from a rooftop or atop a mountain.

  1. Enjoy a family dinner

Family reunions are a big part of the mid-autumn festival and as such a family dinner shared together is often how families celebrate.

On the night of the mid-autumn festival families reunite and not only share a dinner but share news about their lives. While some families enjoy a homecooked meal together, many go out to eat at some of the best restaurants.

  1. Make lanterns with the children

Lanterns are another big part of the festival. Since light is a main theme during the festival, with the ceremonial lighting of candles and lanterns. Many families with children make colourful lanterns as an activity together.

Children make these lanterns in a variety of shapes like plants and animals and then hang them up around the home or in trees outside. Many public places also decorate with lanterns to celebrate the festival.

  1. Travelling home to your family

For those people who have moved away from their homeland or across the country away from their parents and extended family, travelling is on the itinerary for the mid-autumn festival.

Once again, family reunion is a very important part of the festival, so travelling home for many is a necessity. For this reason, there may be heavy traffic jams during the festival time as people arrive home for the celebration.

  1. Share gifts with the people in your life

Since the mid-autumn festival is also about thanksgiving, many people give gifts to their family, friends, staff and colleagues. It is a wonderful time to share with others and show them your gratitude for their presence in your life.

Some people will spend time with their loved ones when delivering a gift to bond. Popular gifts at this time are usually fruits or mooncakes.

  1. Going shopping

Shopping during the mid-autumn festival is a newer tradition developing amongst the younger generations. Since most big celebrations are accompanied by promotions and sales in stores and online.

As the festival takes place during autumn, many stores use it as an opportunity for end of summer sales. The malls are always decorated with beautiful lanterns and festival decorations for a very festive shopping experience.

  1. Attend a festival celebration

There are many festival events across Singapore on the evening of the mid-autumn festival. Celebrations include an array of music and dance performances, talent showcases, art exhibits and displays of lantern and lights.

Alongside the live performances, many people celebrate by dancing, singing festive songs and taking part in local dragon dances.

  1. Wander around a market bazaar

Another fun activity for the mid-autumn festival is to wander around the carnivals and bazaars. These usually take place in the street of Chinatown and offer an array of activities for the whole family.

Bazaar stalls will have a range of things on offer from clothing and ornaments to mooncakes and fruit preserves. Strolling around the marketplace is a great way to end off the evening of the mid-autumn festival.

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