How to Tell Good Mooncakes from Lousy Mooncakes

Good mooncakes are slowly starting to become a rare find. With established bakeries placing great emphasis on mooncakes with unique designs and taste, it is apparent to mooncake customers in Singapore that the standard of most traditionally baked mooncakes have significantly dropped.

Luckily for these group of people, Bing Liang Bakery bakes only traditional mooncakes and we try to stay away from the modern day innovations such as the snow skin mooncake. We believe that the best form of a mooncake is when its cladded with golden brown goodness and having its ever so delicious paste filling. The truth is that snow skin mooncakes that comprises of mostly mochi, is a lot easier to make than the traditionally baked mooncakes. There are many secret recipes and one small tweak can affect the entire result. Mooncake baking is also a very high cost activity, and we are glad that we have been able to keep our premium treats affordable for the masses in Singapore.

Today, we would like to share with everyone on how to tell good mooncakes from lousy ones.

Having a Clean Cut

Mooncakes that can qualify to be called premium must have a crust and paste that maintains smoothness and straightness when neatly cut. Lousy quality mooncakes are those that look very jagged and unclean.

Natural Tasting

Good mooncakes will always have you wanting more. This is because the paste is concoted with good quality ingredients along with 2 secret ingredients that cannot be acquired in Singapore. Lousy mooncakes have a very artificial medicinal taste due to the overwhelming use of preservatives and colouring.

Thin Crust, Dense Body

A mooncake must have a thin crust. A crust that is too thick is much easier to make and as a result, tastes different negatively. The body of the mooncake must be chewy. The combination of both factors would bring you to gourmet heaven!

We are proud to be the bakers of Award Winning mooncakes and still be able to price them so economically. Our box design is also one that is very presentable as a gift. It is known that Singaporeans buy more mooncakes that they actually eat due to gifting purposes.

In Singapore, after Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong revealed in the National Day Rally that 1 in 10 Singaporeans have diabetes, there has been a lot of attempted resistance towards the buying of mooncakes. Tradition being tradition, it is difficult to flush this delicacy out of our cultural system. That is why, we have adapted and created a great tasting low sugar mooncake. Check it out in our catalogue!

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