About Ding Mooncake


Synonymous with a time of flourish and greatness, Ding Mooncake started in 1990 to spread joy and happiness through the making of its signature mooncakes. The dedicated team behind Ding Mooncake worked hard on every iteration to perfect the flavours that are now not only tasty treats, but have also become timeless classics that can accompany you through the seasons. Using only premium ingredients with no additives or preservatives, each mooncake is baked with love and handcrafted to perfection.

It is with such commitment that led to numerous accolades from various media and critics, crowning Ding Mooncake as the #1 Mooncake in Singapore and making it an ideal gift to family, friends and esteemed business associates. Not one to rest on its laurels, Ding Mooncake continues to innovate and experiment to come up with exquisite flavours that can spark bliss and pleasure among those who’ve tasted it.


After all, Ding Mooncake’s greatest satisfaction is for you to be reminiscent of the fond memories you share with your loved ones, as you admire the stunning full moon together during mid-autumn, with every bite you take. 


From all of us at Ding Mooncake, we invite you to share our morsels of genuine delight with all those you hold dear and forge heart-warming memories that last a lifetime.